Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are attracting a lot of attention in the modern age and will probably continue to do so in the near future. With the introduction of these in this era, it has created a lot of employment in the IT industry. Over the years, careers in Artificial Intelligence have had an immense demand in India and all over the world. Thus, there is the need of AI courses leading to the Artificial Intelligence career path. Following are some of the career prospects of AI:

· Machine Learning Engineer:

A machine learning engineer refer to the software engineer having specialization in machine learning. The most crucial responsibilities of a machine learning engineer include running machine learning experiments via some programming languages (e.g. Python) with machine learning libraries.

· Business Intelligence developer:

A business intelligence developer’s responsibility is to design and develop BI solutions, supervising the implementation of the BI system and also the on-going maintenance of the solutions. They involve in creating and completing data request queries via visualizations and reports and presents the information.

· Data Scientist:

A data scientist refer to the professional with the capabilities to collect large amount of data to analyse and synthesise the information into action plans for firms and other organizations. Data scientists deal with a huge amount of data and analyse them properly. It is not at all an easy task for them as the data gathered may range till Trillions of bytes.

· Research Scientist:

Research scientists are responsible for designing, as well as analysing information from controlled labs based investigations, experiments and trial. One could work for the government labs, environmental organisations or universities.

Apart from these, there are several more career paths for the IT people in terms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Hence, one must consider AI and ML as two of the possible options while applying for the IT jobs. AI and ML are the future of the IT industry. From self-driving cars to chat bots and other robotic and futuristic applications, AI and ML are crucial parts of these and also a crucial part of the IT industry having lots of IT applications and lots of potential for the future.

The demand for AI and ML professionals will keep on growing along with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Acquiring a certificate in AI or ML gives an edge over other IT professionals because AI and ML are the future of the IT industry.

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