Should I make money by working at an online job or working for an offline job?

Working at home turns out to be an ideal situation, especially for the moms who need to be at home and raise their kids as well as for the students, who have to work and earn a bit of extra pocket money during school or college. Most of the people who are looking for jobs online want to make money but not spend it. Obviously, there are numerous online sites that offer a required startup fee that must be paid. But, there are variety of opportunities where one can always work at home without a prior investment. Many online jobs…

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Sustainability business and governance in the corporate world

The improving transnational transaction as well as the changed marketing dynamics has brought an immediate need for the research and comparison of the corporate governance mechanisms of the nation. Corporate governance refer to the rule of law, transparency, accountability as well as the protection of public interest in the management of an organization’s affairs in the prevailing global, competitive and digital environment. It is the most important global issues alongside serious challenge and implication on almost all sectors. Economies including India, are coping with problems related to poverty, child-rights, community welfare etc. and are a hot bed for an impressive…

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Why one should work for a big corporate firm?

Working for a big corporate firm or a start-up is a personal decision that must be made as it provides the right foundation for learning and which will open more career options in the future. Working for a big corporate firm allows an individual to develop valuable skills. These skills allow for specializations and depth of related skills and expertise in any area of work, technology, or process. It also provide wide exposure and the ability to learn from and collaborate with experts from other disciplines such as technology, business, development, and project management. At a start-up one generally wears…

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The changeover from college life to the corporate life

There exist a huge difference between the two contrasting lives of college and the corporate world. Changeover from one to another can be a challenging task for most of the students. It is also the exact phase where most of the students go wrong as they’re unable to understand the transition in the scenario and the differences in the rules of these two worlds. Where in colleges we were concerned only with our academics and maintaining our CGPA which consisted of theoretical knowledge on a broad basis. Things in the corporate world work completely differently. Being well versed in some…

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Social life along with work is crucial to live a happy life

It is widely known that there is a lot of work pressure and stress on the working people, especially those working in the corporate industry. In order to stay away from getting into extreme depression due to these workloads and highly stressed life, one must have a good social life alongside, so that they can fresh up their minds and have a good time in the meanwhile. There are not one or two but several advantages of having a good social life, some of them are:    1. It helps in forming good relationships: Meeting new people is one of…

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