Employment Scenario in India

The employment growth in India shows that there has been a huge reduction in the rate of the growth of employment at present daily status basis, from 2.8 percent in 1983 - 1994 per annum to 1.06 percent per annum in 1993 - 94 to 2000. The rate of GDP growth on the other hand was higher with respect to growth rate of employments. There has been a reduction in the intensity of employment. The 55th round of NSSO surveys suggested that Growth Rate of employment was directed with a reduction in labour power. This reduction in the absolute amount…

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Top skills required in order to start your cloud computing career

Cloud computing is emerging as one of the booming technologies alongside a high demand for qualified professionals. The average salary for IT professionals currently in a cloud computing career is $125,000. However, it is not the easiest of jobs to get as it is a specialty area. In order to secure a job in this field, an individual must have numerous specific skills. Coding and database management: Cloud computing creates a new dimension in the software development. The cloud enables the programmers to create, host, and execute applications that can work out much faster due to the environment’s ability in…

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Career choices after completing Engineering in Computer Science field

Computer Science is considered to be one of the best career options, not only in India, but globally. This filed provides numerous exciting employment opportunities in some of the best firms of the world, a job in this field is actually the next best thing to a government job. Technology shows itself in so many ways in our lives that it is not possible to separate it from us. The computer has become a widely used device and hence the computer science engineering stream has also gained in prominence and popularity over the past couple of decades. The success stories…

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Passion versus Need

Whenever it comes to jobs and working life for any individual, there are two options for them to choose; either follow their passion and do what they love or, work on something not interesting and out of the individual’s preferences. The former is opted by most of the people having no financial problems or desperation to work whereas the latter is opted by those who have no choice but to work at least somewhere to earn a living because of financial and family problems.             Both of these are completely different. Those who follow their passion and work as per…

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are attracting a lot of attention in the modern age and will probably continue to do so in the near future. With the introduction of these in this era, it has created a lot of employment in the IT industry. Over the years, careers in Artificial Intelligence have had an immense demand in India and all over the world. Thus, there is the need of AI courses leading to the Artificial Intelligence career path. Following are some of the career prospects of AI: · Machine Learning Engineer: A machine learning engineer refer to the software…

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