How to handle job rejection

Job rejection is one of the things that all jobseekers are afraid of. It really hurts a lot when someone prepared so much for so long time and all their hopes get shattered after the job interviews. Many get along with this and move on, while most get depressed and develop self-doubt. Most people rejected during job interviews often think that they can’t do anything in their life and stop attending anymore job interviews, which is absolutely wrong. Job rejection is something that one must not let get into them and must move forward with it as life goes on.…

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Employment is a commitment between an employee and an employer. The employer can be a company/organization and is the job provider. The employee is the one who works for the employer’s needs and in return get paid in time on the type of work and/ domain he works in. It is important for both employer and employee on the type of contract they agree on. There are different types of employment contracts such as permanent, fixed-term or casual. There are employments provided by the government, public, private enterprises, and other licensed sectors. In India, it is found that the majority…

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Acquiring Salary Negotiation Skills can change your Career

Acquiring Salary Negotiation Skills can change your Career Negotiation is the process where two or more people/groups each having different needs and goals have a discussion on a topic and come to a conclusion acceptable by both. Getting a high salary at work is what everyone expects and it is also seems obvious in today’s challenging world. All wishes to work in a company that offers them a good salary and some even may switch to other companies if the offer is better. Some choose work that pays well and some make themselves on demand to get paid well! By…

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Marketing Yourself for a Job: 10 Tips

Marketing Yourself for a Job: 10 Tips In simple words, marketing yourself in the businessworld is nothing but selling YOU by yourself! When you are investing your money in something, you do a thorough check on it before buying. For example, if you are buying a car, you check its mileage, safety, brand, design, price and other advanced features. We mostly will be interested on its stand outs from other branded cars in the market. That is, what qualities of a car make it different or better from other cars?  The same way a company thinks while recruiting! They don’t…

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Warm up your Job Search with “Colleague”

The current scenario – India facing Unemployment Day by day as the population increase, the unemployment rate is also increasing. Getting a job in the present advanced world has become a burdensome to many job seekers, especially in IT sector. We can still see many college students who are 2015 pass-out unemployed and searching for jobs day and night. Some even lost their hope in their dream company or even entering into IT field even after paying for many expensive courses or going to institutions. In other case, some may even not be satisfied with the current job or company…

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