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Hiring suitable candidates is one of the biggest challenges for any enterprise. Be it big MNCs or small startups, the employees are the ones that play a major role in the success and growth of the company. Hiring these employees is not at all easy. Each individual is unique in their own ways and suitable for a limited amount of roles and fields. The companies can't move around and hire whoever they feel is suitable. They have to test those candidates and make sure that they possess the suitable skills as required by the organization.             Hiring is more of…

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Helping freshers step into their professional lives

Helping freshers step into their professional lives With the emergence of private sectors in India, the Indian youths have been given extensive opportunities with respect to employment. Despite such opportunities, India is witnessing an immense number of educated and qualified people with no job in hand. Recent graduates and freshers are the ones who are facing several challenges and difficulties during their job hunts. These difficulties and challenges are not ordinary and natural. These are developed in the last couple of years due to the change in the requirements of industries.             Companies have no interest in the degree of…

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“Colleague” – Choose a job interview you love

Life has many facets and one of the most important sides of it is having a dream job. India produces  tens of thousands of graduates per year, each and every one of them having a hope that they will somehow secure the kind of job they always wanted. Some of them secure their dream jobs whilst most of them settle with any good job that they fit in. There is a difference between ‘Good job' and ‘Dream job'. A good job generally means having a high salary and living a wealthy life. But a good job may not necessarily guarantee…

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