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The changeover from college life to the corporate life

There exist a huge difference between the two contrasting lives of college and the corporate world. Changeover from one to another can be a challenging task for most of the students. It is also the exact phase where most of the students go wrong as they’re unable to understand the transition in the scenario and the differences in the rules of these two worlds. Where in colleges we were concerned only with our academics and maintaining our CGPA which consisted of theoretical knowledge on a broad basis. Things in the corporate world work completely differently. Being well versed in some concept or theory doesn’t mean that one can carry that work out with the utmost perfection.

Following are some of the factors that one should consider to cope up with this transition from the college life to the corporate life:

Managing the expectations of the boss:

When one join any enterprise as a fresher, there is a lot of excitement bubbling within them. They are eager to prove themselves and showcase their talents to their manager. But in this over excitement you end up messing things. For instance, consider a case where a new project comes in and their boss hands it over to them and enquires how much time would it take. In excitement and eagerness to impress the boss, they say 3 days but end up delivering it in 4 days. Whereas, the person in the next cubicle asks for 6 days but ends up delivering it in 5 days. Now who would earn the boss’ praise? Certainly the person in the next cubicle. Simply, as they played it smart and did not rush things over. Now even if someone work day and night and complete the project before them still it would be the other guy who would lift the best employee trophy at the end. 

Balancing work life:

Life in college and a corporate work place are extremely distinctive from one another. Where in college we were a lot more care free and a master of our own will, things in a corporate life are completely opposite. College life is a lot more fun but once we enter a corporate life, things change drastically. It is essential to have a healthy work life balance and to ensure that we devote enough time to both work and enjoyable life.

Soft skills:

Soft skills are a must to survive in the corporate life. To be able to communicate with our fellow colleagues and convey our message without coming out as rude is quite essential. Also, the kind of relationship that we form with your fellow colleagues depends a lot on the kind of attitude that we present in front of other people. If we come up as a fun and approachable person, we are more likely to make friends than if we come forth as a bossy or argumentative person. A lot of workplaces also have certain rules and policies regarding acceptable employee interactions. There are a certain things we must always keep in mind and follow them while there are certain things we must refrain from. Like always follow in the policies of office discipline. Respect the members of our team and work in a collective manner.

Be prepared for the worst:

As a fresh out of college graduate one need to be prepared not just for the extreme changes that would come in their life along with the start of a professional life but also for the worst that could happen. A lot of times students get offers from different firms and in their excitement, they join the most well-known firm in the industry. They have big dreams and expectations while starting work one of the most prestigious names in the industry. But after over 2-3 months they find themselves at the loss of initial level of excitement, the level with which they had joined the organization. One of the major reason for it is that one is bogged down with the workload and things don’t seem as much fun as they thought they would. Yet many others fail to realize where it is that their heart truly lies. Such difficulties should not discourage them but you should take them as stepping stones in the learning curve of success in your professional life.

Hence, to conclude the transition from college life to corporate life can prove to be somewhat difficult but how hard it actually pans out to be is entirely in our hands. If we do our work and enter the transition phase well-prepared and informed about the challenges awaiting us, it is somewhat possible that we can ease our corporate life if we are well prepared at the earliest.