Career Guide

Why one should work for a big corporate firm?

Working for a big corporate firm or a start-up is a personal decision that must be made as it provides the right foundation for learning and which will open more career options in the future. Working for a big corporate firm allows an individual to develop valuable skills. These skills allow for specializations and depth of related skills and expertise in any area of work, technology, or process. It also provide wide exposure and the ability to learn from and collaborate with experts from other disciplines such as technology, business, development, and project management. At a start-up one generally wears many hats, increasing their breadth of knowledge in other areas, but making it difficult to become an expert in any one discipline.

Start-ups tend to focus on launching one product while big firms often foster the development of many products. This means a lot of jobs, and therefore a lot of opportunities for growth. Big firms tend to invest in individuals via educations, skills developments, and careers assistance program to assist align an individual’s personal career goal with position they would like to work towards within the company. A big firm is more likely to have brand recognition with an existing, loyal customer base. With a big customer base in place, the turn over time is much faster from when one is working on either an existing application or building something new to a customer using the product. Maintaining a healthy work life balance is not only crucial for one’s personal wellbeing, but it can also enhance the efficiency of one’s working performance. Via a structured and predictable work schedule, a work life balance is easy to maintain in a big corporation rather than at a start-up where the hours are less structured which can mean odd hours, late nights, and working on weekends.

As with starting any new work, or new position within some firm there is sure to be a learning curve. Hence, having experienced mentors allow for getting up to speed and feeling like a valuable, contributing player faster thus being able to take well informed action. This is yet another benefit of working for a big corporate firm. There is no denying the lure of a great benefits package and corporate perks. From health insurance, paid vacation or sick time, performance bonuses, tuition assistance and stock purchase programs to company picnics, outdoor activities, discounts, and fitness classes, big corporate firms can offer long term financial stability, peace of mind, and an atmosphere that foster good employees relation. While start-ups generally may not be able to offer such benefit, they tend to offer more perks and employees might reap the rewards of success if the company does well.

Hence, one should spend a considerable amount of time in big corporate firms for the first couple of years at least as a fresher so that they can gain a little bit of experience and that too from a highly reputed firm. After spending some time in those firms, one can consider to pursue higher studies or can join any start up for a better salary package.