“Colleague” – Choose a job interview you love

“Colleague” – Choose a job interview you love

Life has many facets and one of the most important sides of it is having a dream job. India produces  tens of thousands of graduates per year, each and every one of them having a hope that they will somehow secure the kind of job they always wanted. Some of them secure their dream jobs whilst most of them settle with any good job that they fit in. There is a difference between ‘Good job’ and ‘Dream job’.

A good job generally means having a high salary and living a wealthy life. But a good job may not necessarily guarantee satisfaction, enjoyment or happiness. People may earn a lot from their job and live a wealthy life with their families. They may get to go abroad on vacations and save a lot of money for the future but this does not mean that they are happy. They get so involved in keeping their families happy and satisfied that they completely forget about their own happiness. Everyone has a ‘dream job’ that they desperately want to work on. Some want to be developers, some want to be journalists, and so on. But due to the competition, fear, family pressures, lack of sources to secure those jobs, and other factors, they are forced to work on the jobs that they somehow fit in.

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People often decide to choose a job with a high salary and benefits instead of a job that they actually love. Working on a job that a person does not like sometimes makes them feel tired, depressed and exhausted, hence they suffer from stress and pressure which badly affects the outcomes of their works, the happiness of their families and even on their health. Hence, doing a job that one loves is really important, as they always feel happy and convenient when they do it no matter how difficult or busy it is. Choosing a job based on natural interest is not only good for individuals but also good for the company and the society because when people are comfortable with their work, they can work with their full interest and generate the best outcome as per their level, which will result in generation of more profit for the company and ultimately, it will help the society become more and more developed.

            One of the major reasons of jobseekers not finding their dream jobs is the lack of sources, knowledge and proper assistance required to earn a living the way one always wanted. There is always a huge gap between an individual and their dream jobs. To fill this gap, “Colleague” is introduced. Colleague is a consultancy website specifically designed to help job seekers step up to the professional world by joining their dream jobs without much hassle. Colleague help individuals find a job that matches their skills and preferences. With Colleague, jobseekers can pre-interview for several such job opportunities right away and thereby increase their chances of being selected. Colleague’s Talent Recruitment Executives help individuals identify their skills and interests to match them to jobs that are meant just for them. Since 2016, Colleague has assisted numerous amount of job seekers to get their dream jobs throughout India. “Join us, Learn with us, Stay with us, and Grow with us”, these four steps are more than enough to help candidates find the jobs that they wanted all their lives. Around 1400 fresh graduates and experienced candidates got recruited by their dream companies in 2016 in major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, and many more. This number keeps on increasing as around 1600 and 1800 individuals secured their dream jobs during 2017 and 2018 respectively with the help of Colleague. With this pace, these numbers are surely on the verge of a significant increase in the upcoming years.  

            So how does this work? Colleague includes a variety of plans and schemes for the jobseekers to try out and secure their dream jobs.

  • Starter Plan: ₹159 /- only with a validity of 30 dayss. This plan is very effective for new job seekers who want to try out this site as an initial step and later proceed to the other plans accordingly. This plan facilitates the jobseekers with a One-time Pre-Screening interview through which the recruitment executives learn more about the candidate’s skills and interests and pass these data to the concerned recruiters of the job in which the candidate is interested, who then conduct a more extensive interview for the candidate. This way the candidates are provided with an opportunity to attend the interviews for the jobs that they always wanted. With only one pre-screening interview, this plan provides the candidates with not only one, but 10 different interview invites. That means 10 chances to grab their dream jobs.
  • Premium Plan: ₹499 /- only with a validity of 60 days. This plan is effective for those who are looking for more opportunities of interviews in not only normal companies but also big Multi-National Companies (MNCs). With this plan, the candidates are facilitated with not one but two pre-screening interviews which let the recruitment executives get a bit more in-depth knowledge about the candidate’s skills and preferences and arrange interviews that are more precise for the candidate’s preferences. Moreover, this plan enables the candidate with 30 interview invites which also include big MNC walk-in interviews, giving the candidates a bigger opportunity to get their dream jobs in big MNCs.
  • Professional Plan: ₹1499 /- only with a validity of 1 year. This plan is for those who dream big! With not one, or two, but three pre-screening interviews giving the recruitment executives of Colleague the best knowledge about the candidate, this plan recommends the perfect jobs for the individuals. Along with this, this plan also facilitates 30 interview invites via mail, MNC walkin interviews, and also assists in developing the graphic resumes for the candidates which not only attracts the recruiters but also helps the candidate to stand out of the crowd, providing a better chance of them being selected. Moreover, this plan is valid for 1 whole year, which means the candidates get enough time to attend multiple interviews of their choices and join the best firm out of them to move forward with their dream jobs.  

Colleague not only provide assistance for the jobseekers to secure their dream jobs but also assist several employers in recruiting the best employees for their field of work. Finding candidates with good communication skills is not an easy task. Colleague helps in improving the employers’ quality of hire and cut down the time and money spent on hiring. With Colleague, employers can find the right candidates who are best suited for their respective roles. Candidates are pre-screened by Colleague’s own Talent Recruitment Executives to best match the requirements of the employers.

            Therefore, Colleague is one of the best consultancy websites that provide the best platform for job seekers who are fed up with their current jobs and want to switch to the jobs of their dreams and also for those fresh graduates who have no clue about how to secure the best job according to their preferences. With expert-level pre-screening interviews by the Talent Recruitment Executives of Colleague, individuals can secure the jobs that they love with much ease and convenience. There’s no point in working day and night for something that one does not like or enjoy doing. People should work on something that they actually like and if required, can do all day long with full interest and without even breaking a sweat. That’s the kind of job everyone wants and Colleague can help them grab that ‘Dream job’.   

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