Employment is a commitment between an employee and an employer. The employer can be a company/organization and is the job provider. The employee is the one who works for the employer’s needs and in return get paid in time on the type of work and/ domain he works in. It is important for both employer and employee on the type of contract they agree on. There are different types of employment contracts such as permanent, fixed-term or casual.

There are employments provided by the government, public, private enterprises, and other licensed sectors. In India, it is found that the majority (52%) of labor is employed by the unlicensed sector that includes family-owned vendors, retail shops, farming or other self-employment jobs which often have low productivity and offered lower wages.

What is the reason to work?

The main motto behind working is not only for self-earning, but also to support the people who depend on us. We can make our own choices about how we want to live our life. Being employed gives us confidence and dignity as well as our identification in society. Overall, a working individual not only gets benefits for the self but also serves contribution to the country’s national income.

Effect of Technology on Employment

Will the advancement in technology reduce or increase Jobs?

Technologies like Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning is making a great impact on employment. One side these new emerging technologies guarantee a future, on another side they causing unemployment issues because of the replacement of employees. Technology though replaces small and unskilled jobs but in turn, it will give rise to a new era of innovative jobs.  In the Automotive industries, the workers are replaced with machines and robots.

The year 2019 reported the worst year for the automobile sector in India. Due to the decrease in their sales, more than 2 lakh employees were fired by auto-dealers in the last three months. Maruti Suzuki had fired its temporary employees and Tata Motors has shut down their factories temporarily due to the same reason. IT sectors like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, etc are firing their old employees and hiring young talented employees and IBM is marked as the highest firing company. This resulted in a huge effect on the economic slowdown in the country.

In the past decade, new technology paved jobs for Digital marketers, drone pilots, and app developers. Due to widespread use in big data and Artificial intelligence (AI), new roles in Cloud Computing, Big Data, Augmented Reality, and Robotics, etc. By 2022, millions of jobs will be provided based on these emerging technologies making IT jobs in-demand today.

Job chase

Job seekers get hired by placement, employment agencies, recommendations or individually. So now with the competition increases, many companies and job seekers depend on employment agencies for recruitment. There are many agencies established for providing job opportunities and servicing their facilities online or offline. A recruitment agency such as “colleague” has become a medium where the job seekers and companies connect. It helps the company to find the best candidates and the individuals to find and get jobs, thus benefiting both the parties. This helps in solving many underemployment problems.

With the change in the structure of the workforce, many new technology employment jobs are helping people get jobs in solving unemployment issues. This, in turn, helps businesses to globalize and improve the country’s economy. 

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