Helping freshers step into their professional lives

Helping freshers step into their professional lives

Helping freshers step into their professional lives

With the emergence of private sectors in India, the Indian youths have been given extensive opportunities with respect to employment. Despite such opportunities, India is witnessing an immense number of educated and qualified people with no job in hand. Recent graduates and freshers are the ones who are facing several challenges and difficulties during their job hunts. These difficulties and challenges are not ordinary and natural. These are developed in the last couple of years due to the change in the requirements of industries.

            Companies have no interest in the degree of the individual. All they are interested in is the skills possessed by the individual.  It is the nature of the enterprises to choose and employ skilled and talented candidates in the organization from the very first day.  Companies never ignore the skills of the graduates but the degree they hold. They are well aware of the fact that most of the college education these days is not enough to help the freshers perform their roles in the company. Moreover, most freshers are clueless and have no idea about the skills which industries seek. Each individual possesses a unique set of skills, matching some particular requirements of different corporations. Each candidate is made for some particular industry and is perfect for them. The only problem is that these candidates have no idea and no assistance in finding the perfect company in accordance with their set of skills and step into their professional life with a bang! Since the joining of freshers into their respective workplaces just after their academic environments, quite usually, the transition is not at all convenient. The lack of awareness with respect to the working etiquettes, the non-realistic and enormous expectations regarding the roles of the freshers, lack of the exposure of the individual to an environment with a lot of collaboration, the inefficiency in meeting deadlines and delivering results in time, there are many more reasons because of which a numerous amount of freshers find it difficult to adapt and live up to the expectations and fulfil the demands of their workplaces.

50% of the surveyed recruiters conveyed that young joinees often struggle with the team dynamics. 44% of them reported that freshers are unable to meet the requirements and the work deadlines. Nearly 23% of them said freshers had inflated opinions and doubts regarding their own capabilities. Freshers often get caught up in the confusion that which company is better for them to start their first job and without the proper assistance and guidance, end up choosing the wrong job and start getting depressed and unhappy with their performance as that job was not meant for them.

            Colleague plays a vital role in providing this bona fide assistance to the young freshers in finding the perfect jobs suitable for them. Colleague help freshers find a job that matches their skills and preferences. Freshers can pre-interview for several job opportunities right away through Colleague and therefore increase their chances of being selected by the organizations that match the fresher’s skills as a crucial requirement. The Talent Recruitment Executives of Colleague help the freshers identify their key skills, interests and the field of work that will be perfect for them to match these young freshers to jobs that are meant just for them. With Colleague, the freshers can subscribe to the different plans according to their needs and requirements and attend the pre-screening interviews conducted by the Talent Recruitment Executives of Colleague so that Colleague can learn a bit more about these freshers and select the perfect companies matching the skills of the freshers. These companies will later conduct a more detailed interview with these freshers and will instantly hire them if found suitable as per the requirements.

In the year 2016, out of around 1400 individuals getting their dream jobs as per their skills and preferences, around 900 individuals were young freshers recently graduated from colleges. These freshers got their dream jobs according to their skills in the very first attempt in major cities like Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune and many more across the country. This was only possible due to the expert and professional support that Colleague provided to all these freshers in the first year of its launch. Not just that, in the years 2017 and 2018, out of around 1600 and 1800 individuals, around 1000 and 1500 individuals respectively were recent graduates. It is confirmed that with this pace, these numbers will surely increase and will be definitely beneficial for all the freshers graduating in the year 2019 and in the near future. Not only regular companies but Colleague assists the freshers to even find their dream jobs in big MNCs like Accenture, Infosys, TCS, CTS, Robert Bosch, etc. Not only IT sectors, but Colleague also assists these freshers in securing jobs in other fields too like Airlines, Hotel Management, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Colleague is in contact with a lot of companies as clients, from startups to big MNCs, hence, providing a wide range of choices and opportunities for freshers to explore their talents and skills. If the freshers do not meet the requirements of the MNCs, they can join the startups too as these startups also require skilled employees for their companies to grow, therefore providing a big opportunity for these freshers to step in and explore their inner skills and talents and grow accordingly for the future of their professional lives.

            Enterprises nowadays always look for experienced personnel, with at least 3 years of experience. Because of this situation, freshers often get caught in the dilemma of whether to join a company in which they somehow fit or look for other opportunities to find the jobs which are made just for them. Colleague help these freshers clear up this dilemma and step into the professional world and start their careers with the companies and fields that they are suitable with so that they receive the boost that they required to compete in the vastly competitive world and live their life with a convenient and comfortable job of their choice.                      

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