Marketing Yourself for a Job: 10 Tips

Marketing Yourself for a Job: 10 Tips

Marketing Yourself for a Job: 10 Tips

In simple words, marketing yourself in the businessworld is nothing but selling YOU by yourself!

When you are investing your money in something, you do a thorough check on it before buying. For example, if you are buying a car, you check its mileage, safety, brand, design, price and other advanced features. We mostly will be interested on its stand outs from other branded cars in the market. That is, what qualities of a car make it different or better from other cars? 

The same way a company thinks while recruiting! They don’t give much importance on your marks but your skills! They are ready to spend on you only if you show yourself how better or different you are than the others.

You might have come across this scenario, where you and your friend (not as talented as you are) attend an interview. But your friend gets selected and you aren’t!

Why do you think so? What made an interviewer select her/him but not you? Is it because you think your friend’s interview was easy not yours was tough? Or do you think because your friend was good looking than you are?

It’s not any of these. It is you who have to know how to show case your skills!

Many people are shy, modest and do not know how to express themselves or sometimes they become one during an interview though well skilled. Some even get tensed and forget what to say while they are questioned.

Here’s Colleague for you!

Colleague – Helping you build your personal brand

“What is your brand? What does it say about you? And how is it different from other brand?”

Each candidate has unique skill-set which is needed by one or the other organization. Colleague only goal is to match each skilled and talented candidates to the organizations they belong. 

Colleague learns about its candidates through pre-screening. In pre-screening process, you will be interviewed and tested by specialists. Your skills and what you lack at or need improvement will be identified and you will be guided accordingly.

Know how to tackle the interview and sparkle out with Colleague!

In most of the interview, the first question that is asked is “Introduce yourself!” Many fail in answering the first question itself! The next questions will be on your strengths or weakness. Many just bluff without knowing about themselves. Colleague will help you identify them and how to answer these types of questions.

Here are just two main problems which most job seekers face and Colleague’s actions in helping you to overcome them to stand out and get visible in the crowd.

  1. Many face communicating a basic problem.

                           “Attract the interviewer with your voice!”

  • Colleague helps how to improve your communication and answer in an interview.
  • Helps you find your strengths and how to express it to the interviewer. And also finds your weakness and assists you how to make them as strengths.
  • The Talent Recruitment Executives of Colleague conducts Pre-screening interviews to train the candidates to answer the questions in an interview and make them get used to the environment, so he/she will be at ease and confident when attending the actual interview in the company.

2. Substandard Resume/CV

                             “Make your first impression the best impression!”

    The first impression of you to the interviewer is your Resume/CV. Most of the time, many candidates will get rejected just by looking at their resume! So, it is very important to build a proper resume and gain your attention. Colleague also helps to build your resume.

  • Colleague gives information about the skills that a company needs and helps you to highlight them.
  • Even more, there are specialized teams to build the graphical resumes for the candidates to make it look more attractive!

Just 10 key points in mind – will help you succeed in marketing yourself

In the competitive world of today, an organization looks for uniqueness, better performance levels and features in whatever they invest their money in; be it in recruitment or buying a product. Here are some key points which might help you to market yourself and attract your target organization.

  1. Know your interests/ talents/passion

Knowing your interests make you find your passion! It helps you to get new ideas on the subject and think innovatively. Many people just simply get into the field listening to others and feel unhappy with their work and finally leave the job out of frustration. So, better know your talents and work at ease in the field you are passionate at!

  • Have a goal

Life without a goal is meaningless. Having a goal in life, you should be determinate to achieve it. You will learn skills required and will be working on it. Once you achieve your goal, you will be successful and find a purpose in life. Even if you fail once or twice, there must be a number you will win at. “Don’t forget Thomas Edison wining at 100th time after 99 failures and finally inventing a remarkable invention in the history- bulb”.

  •  Socialize with like-minded people

Make yourself mingle with the people or groups of your interests. It helps you get new information, get identified and meet new people/clients. This helps you to earn new opportunities and thus expanding your business.

  • Pay attention to the world around you

Have knowledge about what is going on in your surroundings and about the other businesses working around you. Know about what are the new trends, the issues currently faced and thus try to think of a solution to invent or solve them.

  • Stand-out in crowd

Make your resume attractive enough to grasp the interviewer’s attention.

And improve your communication skills to speak out loud, because it is the nice words and your behaviour which build and strengthens your relationships; be it in business or in any other field.

  • Finding the right place to show-case your talents

Knowing where your skills are in demand and presenting yourself makes you get attention from many organizations. When you are in demand, why don’t you make benefit out of it? You will be given the salary higher than your expectations with a work your satisfied of and other special facilities and what else you need?

  • Get to know about your target

Know your target well!  The target may be your dream company, dream project or clients or any which you willing to get. To get what you really want, you have to do whatever to have it!  For example, to get into your dream company, improve the skills which you lack, build relationships with the employees working there to get valid information and get into one you always loved to work.

  • Getting  attention in Social media

Nowadays, organizations are using Social media for advertising themselves and even promote jobs online. There are even personal blogs (like in You-Tube) made by the people to get their attention by the world and make money or get work opportunities in the field they are interested in. 

  • Spread your knowledge and know the unknown

You can partner up with friends, colleagues or other business friends and conduct workshops, seminars or events to spread your idea or knowledge. This will give you more attention and get to know the things which you never knew. You also improve your socializing skills and eventually making you to build leadership qualities.

  1. Your action says who you are!

Even having better skills or talents than others, your actions and behaviour says all about you to the world. If you are an employee, your behaviour at work affects many aspects of your job and even the company’s image. Many even miss the opportunities for promotions or even get fired due to inappropriate behaviour!

So, behaving well and making your actions notice and help you get promoted or get other opportunities.

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