Passion versus Need

Passion versus Need

Whenever it comes to jobs and working life for any individual, there are two options for them to choose; either follow their passion and do what they love or, work on something not interesting and out of the individual’s preferences. The former is opted by most of the people having no financial problems or desperation to work whereas the latter is opted by those who have no choice but to work at least somewhere to earn a living because of financial and family problems.

            Both of these are completely different. Those who follow their passion and work as per the their interests and preferences, tend to enjoy their life more as compared to those who do not work as per their interests. They can work day and night on the same task without getting bored or exhausted as they actually love what they do. Moreover, they often find jobs at or nearby their homes, so as a result, they don’t even feel homesick while working. On the other hand, those who work due to their desperate needs, get exhausted and bored soon and most of the time, cannot cope with the work pressures even though it’s less because they don’t love what they do. They are only doing this job because of their needs and financial problems. Moreover, most of these individuals have to relocate to different cities or locations that are far away from their homes, hence they feel homesick and cannot concentrate on their jobs.

            The only thing they can do is work till they sort their financial or family problems and then consider to move back to their hometowns or find a job as per their passion and interest. This is probably the best solution in such situations as in doing so, they gain experience certificates from their previous employers for the duration they have worked on the firm. This certificate can be used during the interviews of jobs that they are about to apply for. Moreover, there is a high probability that they will get a higher package on the job that they are about to join. This way they get to work on something that they actually love doing along with a handsome package. This can be extremely useful for those who feel homesick and are planning to shift back to their home town to find their preferred job. This way they can work nearby their home and also work on something that they love with a nice package and most importantly, without much financial problems. So, a little sacrifice of comfort and a little struggle for the first 1-2 years could result in a comfortable and happy life till the end.

            Hence, those who follow their passion and work happily, good for them! But those, who are struggling a bit and are not comfortable with the job but still have to work, well, an experience with a little bit of struggle won’t do any bad, this experience can be used later to get the job they want. So, it’s just a matter of time. So, whether its passion or need, in the end, both will end up where they want!   

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