Acquiring Salary Negotiation Skills can change your Career

Acquiring Salary Negotiation Skills can change your Career

Acquiring Salary Negotiation Skills can change your Career

Negotiation is the process where two or more people/groups each having different needs and goals have a discussion on a topic and come to a conclusion acceptable by both.

Getting a high salary at work is what everyone expects and it is also seems obvious in today’s challenging world. All wishes to work in a company that offers them a good salary and some even may switch to other companies if the offer is better. Some choose work that pays well and some make themselves on demand to get paid well!

By giving more importance to salary, don’t block you from seeing the bright side – The job of your interest!

Many people fail in negotiating salary/hike with their employer.             

  • Some think to first agree with the salary offered and later request for more.
  • Sometimes employees try to threaten to leave if they don’t receive the hike.
  • Being lazy and showing little interest in your work.

All these behaviours make an employer to have a bad impression that you are money-minded and try to replace or even fire you!

Having poor knowledge on when, how and why to negotiate, people lose their opportunities in getting better salary, job offers or sometimes their current job.

Most of them will be happy with just getting a gob than asking about their salary. Some even fear to ask thinking that they may lose their job or feel they lack the skills in negotiating! Some just reject every offer they get and keep searching for the job that pays well.

In India, the minimum wage given must be higher than 375 INR per day. Companies’ offer you equal to/higher than a minimum salary same as in other companies. But it depends on you whether you just accept the offer they provide or ask for the rise!

Why leave something while you still can?

It is said that people who are good at negotiation earn more than who does not.

Having better salary negotiating skills can change your career! Here’s how.

   If you are highly skilled and capable in a subject that a company is in need of and that company is interested in you, you are at a very good position to negotiate your salary and even get exposed to other benefits.

Where and with whom you negotiate your salary?

Interviews are like a market where candidates sell themselves to people who interests them!  Investors spends money or higher only if they feel candidates worthy enough. The candidates if they succeed in negotiating themselves, they are purchased!

 Here’s one question normally asked by the interviewer.

                          “How much salary are you expecting?”

People just any some random number or just neglects it and answer improperly.

     “Salary is your value in the market. Don’t let others use you freely!”

Here are some key points which might help you answer this question.

  • Before going to an interview, do background research on the current value of your work in the market.
  • Be strong in communicating your views.
  • Know about the company and its offers.
  • Choose a target salary range you work for.
  • Only talk about the salary when you are asked! If you have been asked, that means the interviewer is interested in you! Negotiate with your skills and succeed in getting the salary that you are satisfied of.
  • Don’t be hesitant to ask for a better offer. Give an explanation how they can benefit from you by providing that offer without being forceful.
  • Always be professional at your interviews. Even if the negotiations not go well, show your gratitude to your interviewer for the opportunity. Who knows, they might be testing and hire you for the response you make!

“Money makes people insane!”

In some cases, to get higher salary people will overload their work and face health issues. “Nothing is important than your life!” So maintain a healthy balance in your work-life cycle.

Colleague – Helping you improve your Negotiation skills

It’s good to have negotiation skills which make you attract the interviewer.

You may have been interviewed and offered a job. But because of poor negotiation skills you might have got salary package lesser than your friend who got selected in the same company in which you got selected.

Not happy with your salary?

Here’s Colleague to help you!

Colleague is an online consultancy which helps your resume to appear on the table of the company that you are interested in or the company you are capable of and helps you get interviewed and hired with the salary of your desire!

How does Colleague do that?

  1. It sorts out all the candidates who have been registered based on their skill levels, the plan they select and their field they like to work in.
  2.  Then a team of executives will pre-screen each candidate studying their interest, the company they like to work at, their strength, weaknesses etc.
  3. They provide all the details about the company needs and the skills they have to obtain.
  4.  If they find that the candidate lacks something or is feeling difficulty in answering the questions, there are specialists who are there to guide them.
  5. They guide in the pre-screening slots booked by the candidate (via Skype) and prepare them for the final interview in the company they chose. To get fully trained and gain other benefits, choose your plan according to your level.
  6. They teach you how to answer the interview questions and how to face difficult questions.  And make you understand how to negotiate with the interviewer and get better salary in your dream company!
  7. After preparing and having one final interview in Colleague, you will be directly contacted for the face-to-face interview in the company you liked and get hired!

This is how Colleague encourages and helps job seekers not only in getting a job but in getting a job that is satisfactory!

Build your skills and become an excellent negotiator with Colleague!!! Know your value and make others know! Get the job you like and the company you always wanted to work at with a high salary and other opportunities! You choose others, don’t let others choose you!

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