Warm up your Job Search with “Colleague”

Warm up your Job Search with “Colleague”

The current scenario – India facing Unemployment

Day by day as the population increase, the unemployment rate is also increasing. Getting a job in the present advanced world has become a burdensome to many job seekers, especially in IT sector. We can still see many college students who are 2015 pass-out unemployed and searching for jobs day and night. Some even lost their hope in their dream company or even entering into IT field even after paying for many expensive courses or going to institutions.

In other case, some may even not be satisfied with the current job or company they work; be it issues with the salary, over workload, place, colleagues etc. Or some may get fired from their dream company!

CMIE states this year unemployment rate as hit the highest of the previous records (urban at 9.6% and rural stood at 7.8% in August 2019).

So what might be the problem? Is it with the job seekers lacking enough skills and having naive or no knowledge about the jobs which are humorously waiting for them? Or is it with the companies not hiring quality employees or failing to get noticed by more people?

Colleague – A helping hand

There is a small gap connecting the two; Job seekers and Companies. This gap is filled by “Colleague”, helping both the parties connecting virtually.

      Job seekers                  Colleague                  Enterprise/Company

Colleague is India’s first Communication-focused Pre-screening Service for walk-in interviews. It helps connect the job seekers with the companies they are interested in and the companies to get noticed and hire more quality employees.

What does Colleague do and its role?

“You are well worth with whatever skill-set you have; if you are in a right place”.

Colleague helps to find that right place for you!

Colleague has companies as its clients from top MNCs (like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, British Airlines etc) to growing start-ups (like EcoCode, Armond, Bastil Co., Mardin Itd. etc) in almost all the sectors (be it in IT, Management, Sports etc) and well trusted by them helping in getting noticed and recruit the best suited candidates to grow their business enterprise.

Colleague sorts and filters all its candidates by their skills and preferences and displays them to the companies they are interested in or to the companies they are suited.

Colleague first pre-screens the candidates. If there is any improvement needed, there are specialists for specially guiding the candidates; be it in the communication, technical or any other skill which they needed to improve), helping them to shape well before presenting to their dream companies.

Thus, giving you hope and boosting up confidence that anyone can get the job in today’s world which impossible – Possible!

Age is just a Number!

It has nothing to do with your dream,

You should do the things you want to do while you still can!!!

  We see many people in their teenage (Robert Nay- Bubble Ball Game) to people at age 30s (Jeffery P. Bezos – Amazon, N.R. Narayan Murthy – Infosys) or 40s (Harland David Sanders – KFC) becoming a business man/women, an Entrepreneur, a You-Tuber etc. or discovering something.

Come join Colleague, to find your right place to work at and build your future carrier!

To the Youngsters seeking to enter into the Job world…

 How Colleague helps Youngsters who just graduated to get a job easily?

Students in their final year will participate in collage placements or manually start applying for jobs outside. But only some will succeed. Many thrive to get jobs, but will eventually fail.

What might be the reason?

  • Most of the people have no knowledge about numerous jobs that are still available for them.

With the help of Colleague, you will know about those jobs and get exposed to various companies so that you will be noticed soon and the chances of getting hired will increase!

  • It’s not about having enough skill-set, but having the right one! Or using the skills we have in proper way!

The main problem with many job seekers is that they do not know what they have to improve or lack in. Colleague will find the subjects which you lack or need to improve and finds what your good at. With the specialists help you will be guided accordingly to shape and mould you well and present you to get interviewed in the company you are interested in or the dream company you always wanted to step into.

  • Many step back thinking that they are very low and there are no companies to hire them.

All people are unique and special in their own way. Colleague has clients in almost all the sectors from top MNCs to the small start-ups. There are plenty of opportunities you will be exposed to. Colleague sorts and filters each candidate based on their skills and performance levels and all their details will be sent to the companies in which they are suitable to work.

Thus, giving hope and confidence for even for the low level candidates that there are still companies which want to hire them based on their speciality; even though they are people better than them!

  • Many loose hopes if they fail to get a job even after going to expensive institutions or completing other expensive online courses.

People pay high amount and spend many months in institutions or other online courses. But, they fail to get a job.

Join Colleague. Save your time & money to get the job you like!

There are 3 plans you can choose and get benefited.

  1. Starter plan(30 days)         – Rs.159 (One-time Pre-Screening interview)
  2. Premium plan(60 days)     – Rs.499  (Two-time Pre-Screening interview)
  3. Professional plan(60 days)  – Rs.1499 (Three-time Pre-Screening interview)

Each plan has its own benefits. The more you get screened, the better opportunities you get thus, better chance you being selected into your dream job!

To the employees who are not satisfied with their current job…

People already working in a company may not be happy nor satisfied with their company may it be due to heavy workload- less pay, or other issues. They might wish to work in other company but they may not know which is suitable to them.

Colleague will also help such employees finding the companies suitable for them and exposes them to their skill-leveled companies and get interviewed.

Helping Enterprises in quality recruitment…

Enterprises need employees who are skilled enough to work and adjust to their changing work environments. Colleague helps them to expose all level skilled candidates suitable for the companies and help in recruiting the best individuals suited for their requirements. Thus, saving time and improving the quality hiring.

 Anyone one can get a job in the present world. Colleague is making that possible!

Colleague not only helps freshers/employees to enter and guide into their right path, but also companies and enterprises to hire the best quality individuals and help grow their business better with having skilled employees.

Come join us!

 Just follow the steps below and grab the job opportunities made just for you!

  1. Subscribe your plan and Create your profile
  2. Complete our screening Interview
  3. Receive Interview Offers through emails
  4. Get hired to your right Company!
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