When is the right time to switch your job?

When is the right time to switch your job?

A time may appear when you are 100% to leave a company. It may be the case that you are confused or determined that you have got a better opportunity than your present position. But still sometimes you hesitate to decide whether you are really ready to leave your present company. In such a situation, few questions may arise on your mind or you just need to ask yourself. What are you enjoying about your present job? What you are not enjoying about your present job? Is there anything missing? What is it? What did you enjoyed any of the previous roles that you have done? What is your present situation? How will you achieve it? Are there any obstacles in your way? What is it? How to overcome those obstacles?

The first thing you need to do is to answer the above question. You may also discuss and take help of your friends, parents, relatives, or any professional experts. Apart from the above questions, there might be other issues that you have come through which made your mind to change your present job. It can be the growth or degradation of your company, your less salary than your expectation, communication issues with your colleagues, and many more.

There may be some situations in your professional life when you can think to get into some other company leaving the present one:

1.            You are not aware of the consequences:

It may happen that are able to put yourself to work for anything that you are been given. But you really do not care about the result that whether it will give any profit to your present company or not. This could be dangerous for your role as it may give a negative sign in your performance. At such time, you should know that you need to change the job if you are not happy or satisfied with it.

2.            Too much stressed out with your role:

Are you getting fear to go to your office? Are you getting too much stressed about your work? If the answer is yes, then you are being stressed both inside and outside your office for your work. This may also affect your health which you should be careful not to be happened. In such a situation, it is better for you to look for a change in your job and try for some other company.

3.            No scope of improvement

When you are working for many months or years in a company, still you are finding yourself in the same state. This tells that you have not grown in your company you are working at present. You should have a talk with your boss about your promotion. If that is also not working or they are not ready to promote you to some higher promotion, then it is better to change the company and try for some higher position in other companies.

4.            Your alignment with the value or culture of the present company:

When you find that you are believing the mission and vision of the company you are working at present, then you know that you are not fit for that company. It is very necessary to get yourself fit for the company you are working as you are going to spend most of the time of your day in our office. You should feel some changes in your mood and behavior when you are stepping into your office.

What so ever may be the reason, you should be careful to few things before you change the present job:

1.            Identify the right time for your job change:

When you are changing your job, make sure that you should not run in any kind of loss. Like for example, if you are working for your present company for the whole month and at the end of the month before 2-3 days of your salary or bonus you decide to take leave. This will be a bad idea because though you have worked the entire month of your career it will be regarded as a waste of time when you are not able to make money out of it. So, you should plan the correct time to leave your present job.

2.            Finalize your new job before you leave the present job:

Once you have decided that you are going to leave the present job, make sure that you are having a job on your hand to join soon after leaving the job or before putting the notice to your present company. It may happen that due to some issues you are leaving the job but you are not having any new job in your hand. This may lead to a situation that you have to sit idle for many days after leaving the job and in order to get a new job. This may lead to be again a bad decision again as it marks the waste of your time and which is also not acceptable by many of the reputed companies.

3.            Not to make your salary as the only reason to leave the present job.

If you feel that you are expecting more salary or is not satisfied with the present salary, it would be a bad decision to change your job because of such reason. You can speak with your boss or any other higher authorized person of your company to get you a hike. This will be a good idea because it can mark your stability to a particular company where your salary will get increased and you need not change your company. This will mark the advantage of your career for your future companies to enter.

4.            Decide your position on your new company before leaving the present job:

When you are deciding to leave your present job make sure that the role you are assigned in your new company as well as your salary should be higher as compared to the present one. Sometimes such situations may arise that you are totally determined to leave your present company, but the position you are assigned to your new company in lower than that of the present position. In such cases, this may create a disadvantage to your profile where it will be marking as the demotion of your role in your career.

The above-mentioned points are which you need to be aware of before you are switching your present job. If you are meeting the above conditions and are able to obtain a positive result, then you are entirely ready to switch your job.

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