Your Hiring Simplified with our Help

Your Hiring Simplified with our Help

Hiring suitable candidates is one of the biggest challenges for any enterprise. Be it big MNCs or small startups, the employees are the ones that play a major role in the success and growth of the company. Hiring these employees is not at all easy. Each individual is unique in their own ways and suitable for a limited amount of roles and fields. The companies can’t move around and hire whoever they feel is suitable. They have to test those candidates and make sure that they possess the suitable skills as required by the organization.

            Hiring is more of a challenge for the startups, rather than big MNCs. The MNCs include their own HR departments that are meant only for the hiring process. These departments consist of highly qualified and experienced recruiters who have only one job to do that is hire the best employees for the organization. So, they don’t face much difficulties as compared to those faced by the startups. When it comes to hiring for the startups, every action and decision is crucial. Due to the small size of the teams, the addition of one more employee would surely contribute massively and result in significant growth in the organization. New joinees may also disrupt the workflow of the company and as a result, may end up costing the startups where their contributions can change the growth in favor of success or failure. This probably happens when startups hire candidates who do not possess the required skills for their roles and end up not living up to their expectations and not delivering within the deadlines. With the growth of the company on the line, hiring for startups may become any founder’s greatest difficulty. Finding the right and the best talent is tough regardless of the industry, and just like most business activities, it will initially fall to the founder. Start founders often stay in a hurry and desperate to hire more and more employees for the company to ease up the workflow. In this hurry, they often select and employ candidates who were never meant to fit in that job and as a result, the company suffers a huge amount of loss.

Employers of these startup companies always look for a better, convenient and easy way to hire individuals that are perfect for the required role and will contribute to the betterment of the company in the near future. Colleague is one of the best solutions for such problems. Recruiters often waste a lot of time and effort in finding the best talent for their companies. Colleague provides an effective platform for these recruiters to search for the individuals, best fit for the required roles and also save a lot of effort and time. Time is one of the major factors for the success of the startups as we all know, “Time is Money”. Finding candidates with good communication skills is not at all an easy task. Colleague helps in improving the quality of hire and cut down the time and money spent on hiring. With Colleague, recruiters belonging to various companies regardless of the field can find the right individuals that are best suited for the role. One of the major strengths of Colleague is their Talent Recruitment Executive team. Candidates are pre-screened and pre-interviewed by Colleague’s Talent Recruitment Executives to learn more about the candidate’s skills and preferences and use this data to find the best match as per the requirements of the companies.

Colleague is trusted by numerous amount of companies including big MNCs. From growing startups like Bastil Co, EcoCode, Madrin ltd, Armond, etc. to big MNCs like Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, TCS, CTS, British Airlines, etc., Colleague has assisted all of these enterprises to hire the best possible individuals for their respective roles, be it Airlines, IT, Management, Sports, and so on. Due to the low cost, affordable plans that are provided by Colleague, individuals get high-quality pre-screening interviews and other assistances to sort and prepare them for the esteemed recruiters of different organizations waiting at the other end. Candidates are filtered according to their preferences and skills and these data later get forwarded to the recruiters who later on, conduct more extensive interviews for these candidates to test them as required and hire them if they find these candidates suitable enough for the job. Gone are the days when companies had to spend a lot of time and effort to find the best candidate and later end up selecting the wrong one. With Colleague, companies can hire multiple candidates for different roles within a very short period of time as the most time-consuming process, the selection and determining the skills and preferences of the candidates are already being carried out by Colleague in a much efficient and effective way. All these recruiters have to do is conduct a final interview for these sorted candidates and select the best out of them.

            Even though the Multi-National Companies have their very own HR department, it is not an easy job for them too to always select the best for the organization. Even these HR department recruiters stay in touch with Colleague whenever they require the need for manpower. Colleague has definitely emerged as a savior for startup enterprises as they do not contain any HR department due to the small size of the company and often rely on those who somehow fit in the job. Employees are the main reasons for the success of any organization. More the manpower, more the enterprise will grow. But to generate this manpower for the companies, Colleague is standing tall as one of the top choices. With more than a thousand companies as clients, Colleague not only provide the enthusiastic jobseekers a platform to find their dream jobs but also act as a great platform for the recruiters to hire the employees that they always wanted so as to grow the works going on the current technologies and also expand to other technologies to attract more projects and as a result, grow to become one of the leading enterprises in the near future. With the help of Colleague, hiring is definitely simplified.

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